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BIO800 can produce up to 1,600 liters per day, applying out HTP (Hight Temperature Pressurized) process. HTP allow for biodiesel production with no need for water or resin post washing.

BIO800 is the result of over 15 years of research, development and field experience. BIO800 is currently in its eight generation.

Our HTP process eliminates the need for water or resin washing. The process generates no effluents. Not having to wash means less equipment, shorter process times and much lower costs.

BIO800 only needs oil, methanol and sodium hydroxide to deliver the highest quality biodiesel and glycerol. BIO800 lets you produce biodiesel from:

New or Used Vegetable Oil
Oil derived from Animal Fat
Fish Oil

Download BIO800 Brochure
  Capacity: Up to 800 liters (211 gallons) per batch. 1,600 Liters / day
  Oil Pre Heating unit: 400 liter capacity. Includes digital thermometer and thermostat with pump    
  HTP Reactor 400 liter capacity
  Batch duration: 2 hour of process with operator. 7 hours of settling in the unit with no need for supervision. Total batch time 9 hours. 1,600 liters / 4 man hours per day  
  Electrical versions available: Single and Three Phase  
  Hight:  2 meters (6 Ft.)
  With:1,3 meter (43 Ft.)
  Largo: 4,50 meters ( 14’9” Ft.)  
  Consumption: 32 Kw per batch    
  Installed capacity required: (Three Phase) - 25Kw/h    
  Weight: 825 Kg. - 1815 Lbs    
  Construction: SAE 1010 steel    
  Working Pressure: 1 ATM/14 psi.    
  Reaction Temperature: 90    
  Insulated electrical panel    
  Electrical Circuits: Independent per component    

Encapsulated wiring

  Exit Filter: 20 microns    
  Static Mixer: High shear with no moving parts    
  Heat transfer units: Covered in stainless steel    
  Insulation: High efficiency - 360    
  Pump: High Volume - Flame Proof    
  Seals: Viton    
  Independent Circuits: For alcohol, oil and NaOH    
  Flow Metersfor alcohol and oil    
  Chromes Spheric Valves    
  Valve extensions    
  Digital & Programmable Thermostat and Thermometer    
  Analog Manometer    
  Security Valve pre-calibrated at 1.2 - 1.5 Atm.    
  Rigid Transparent Drain Tube    
  Stop valve in oil pre-heating unit    
  Mounting Base    
  Fixed interconnection kit between units    
  Independent compressed air inlet with valve    
  Independent draining circuits for biodiesel and glycerol    

ATEX 94/9/CE
EN 292-1
EN 292-2
EN 60204-1
EN 13463-1
EN 1127-1

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