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BIO96K can produce up to 9,600 liters (2,540 Gallons) every 24 hours. BIO96K is the result of over 15 years of research, development and field experience. BIO96K is currently in its fourth generation.

Our HTP process eliminates the need for water or resin washing. The process generates no effluents. Not having to wash means less equipment, shorter process times and much lower costs. BIO96K only needs oil, methanol and sodium hydroxide to deliver the highest quality biodiesel and glycerol.

BIO96K takes process ready oil in the constant volume heating unit, hich will take the oil to process temperature. Simultaneously methoxide is made separately. Both are fed to the main reactor. The reactor will reach over 98% conversion using the static mixers in the unit, 90 degrees Celsius and 1 Atm. pressure.

From there the mixture is sent to decompression and methanol recovery units that then feed a final centrifugal separation phase.

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