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BIOCLEAN600 is the ideal filtration, cleaning and conditioning unit for oil to be used in the biodiesel production process. BIOCLEAN600 will use vacuum and low heat to eliminate any volatiles from the oil and then filter it down to 1 micron.

BIOCLEAN600 specifications: 

  1. Capacity 600 liters/hour.
  2. Vacuum: -0.06 ~ -0.095 Mpa.
  3. Max working pressure: <0.4 Mpa.
  4. Working temperature: 0~80° Celsius.
  5. NAS cleaning level achieved: 6 or less
  6. Filtering capacity: Less than one Micron
  7. Volatile content: <0.1%.
  8. Acid Value: <0.05 expressed in mKOH/gram
  9. Water content: <10 Parts per Million
  10. Resistive Power Requirement: 36 kW
  11. Installed power required: 50 kW.
  12. Dimensions: L 1700mm x W 1050mm x H 1700mm.
  13. Weight: 650 Kilos / 1430 Lbs.

Process description:

BIOCLEAN600 cleans oil by eliminating all particles in suspension, water and other volatiles. This leaves oil clean and dry, ready to make biodiesel.

Oil is filtered in three stages. Water and volatiles are eliminated using temperature and vacuum. This allows for dehydration with no free fatty acid formation. All particulate matter, larger than one micron, is finally removed.

The unit is fully automatic, commanded from a centralized control panel.


Download BIOCLEAN600 Brochure
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